On track for
business success

It’s said that the mark of a true entrepreneur lies in an ability to see opportunity in any circumstance and this is certainly true of Kevin Hughes, the founder of Hughes Mushrooms. He faced losing his job as station master when the Trew and Moy railway station was closed in 1964. The station had been an important link for local mushroom growers to reach the English and Scottish markets.

Kevin seized his opportunity with both hands, bought himself a small lorry to offer alternative transport to growers and so the story of Hughes Group began.

A historic site

More than half a century later, the company is run by founder Kevin Hughes' grandsons, who as four brothers, manage the growing business. The company is still headquartered in the distinctive building and grounds of the old railway station nestled in the Co. Tyrone countryside. The Hughes family has protected the built heritage value of the site, transforming it into a world class processing and distribution centre without losing sight of the original building’s place in the history of transport.

The Group has added to its estate with a new, state-of-the-art 12000 square foot processing facility at Howden Road, Holme-on-Spalding Moor in East Yorkshire. On an 11-acre site, it has been designed to be among the most energy-efficient mushroom production facilities in the UK. Chemical-free and equipped with industry-leading technology, it reduces road-miles and emissions by being geographically close to customers.