Safeguarding the countryside
and environment

Rooted deep in the Northern Irish, and now the East Yorkshire, countryside, Hughes Group is passionate about protecting the environment in the present and for the generations to come.


Green Solutions

The company has invested heavily in renewable energy, with both solar and biomass used to heat water for the production lines and an on-site water treatment plant to recycle grey water where appropriate or cleanse it before release into the drainage system.

The company’s new, purpose-built facility at Howden in East Yorkshire is not only the largest mushroom processing facility in the UK but also leads the field in terms of energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly practices. A major focus for our NPD team is to reduce plastic waste and we strive to be early adopters of non PVC materials including compostable and biodegradable packaging to help reduce landfill.

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint has been recognised by our winning:

Waitrose Way Award
Water Champion Award (Consumer Council)
Sustainable Ireland Award
Green Apple Award

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