Closed Cup

Can be harvested to specified size, although the best flavour comes from mushrooms picked when they are between 30-60mm in diameter.

Baby Button

Freshly picked buttons have tight closed veils and a delicate flavour.

White Flat

White mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) are the most widely cultivated and consumed mushrooms in the world. They have a mild, woodsy flavour that intensifies with cooking.


Any size of mushroom you like, white or chestnut, sliced at varying thicknesses.


Cremini (Agaricus bisporus) are similar to white mushrooms but have a deeper flavour.

Baby Chestnut

Button sized Chestnuts have a strong texture and a nuttier flavour.


Portobellos are matured mushrooms with a solid, meaty texture and rich flavour. Their large caps reach up to 6 inches in diameter.

Mini Portobello

These are also matured mushrooms. Their veils break away from the stem to reveal their pink to dark brown gills on the underside.


Shiitake translates from the Japanese as ‘wood mushroom’ and these are the second most widely consumed mushroom variety in the world. They have dark brown umbrella-shaped caps with pure white gills.


Wide and fan-shaped Oyster mushrooms are named for their resemblance to an oyster shell: wide and fan-shaped. They are prized for their silky texture.


Also Known as the King Oyster or the Trumpet mushroom, Eryngii are considered to have the best flavour of the oyster variety. They have a firm bite and a meaty texture.

Buna Shimeji

Often regarded as the gourmet choice for their unique zesty, nutty flavour, Buna Shimeji, or Brown Beech, are small, long-stemmed mushrooms, which grow in a cluster.

Shiro Shimeji

Shiro is the Japanese word for white, like the caps of this sub variety of the Shineji mushroom.


Enoki translates as ‘winter mushroom’, so called because they grow at temperatures as low as 1 or 2 degrees. These clustered, crisp white mushroom with long thin stews and tiny white caps are irresistible in soups, stews and salads.

Golden Enoki

Golden Enoki is the brown-coloured sub variety with the same growing and taste characteristics as the Enoki.